Issues of FRUIT. magazine



FRUIT. magazine's quarterly, high quality content and design are created specifically to engage the youth we serve. Our writers are “in the trenches” with this population, which keeps our content relevant and compelling. Our feature articles offer hope to our kids by sharing stories of people who have overcome similar obstacles. We provide drug, gang, and healthy living education, positive music and book reviews, letters from adult inmates sharing their experiences with our youth in hopes that they will choose a different path, we publish the art and writing of our readers, and provide local and national resources to help meet wholistic needs. We also conduct FRUIT. magazine Clubs and FRUIT. Release Parties at various facilities. 

FRUIT. is distributed free of charge to youth within juvenile justice facilities, community centers, and churches in high risk communities through our awesome sponsors and donors. We now distribute to more than 18 juvenile facilities and organizations. There are many juvenile facilities and organizations across the United States still waiting for a sponsor to provide FRUIT. magazine for the youth they serve.

INSIDE FRUIT. magazine


Our feature articles offer hope to our kids by sharing stories of people who have overcome similar obstacles.


Our devotionals are written by Barrell Richardson, JJM director for Youth for Christ Houston and member of YFC’s national JJM board. He teaches on topics that relate directly to our readers.


This column is written by one of Houston’s premier Gang educators and former gang member, James Odom. He discusses topics such as how to get out of a gang, lies the gang tells you, the truth behind your O.G. and how to get legit jobs to help pay your family bills.


This column, specifically for our female readers is written by the founder and executive director of Free The Captives, Julie Waters. Julie teaches on subjects such as human trafficking, self-esteem development, and healing from past hurts.

A lot of our kids are being identified as Human Trafficking victims. We provide education so kids can recognize they are being victimized and provide contact resources for them so they can get help.

CLEAN Healthy Living

This column is usually written by Tera Swigart, former LCDC. In this column we discuss drug education, sobriety, and general health. We cover the most current trends of drugs to educate our readers on the dangers of using.

GOSPEL Presentation

Each Issue of FRUIT. contains a clear gospel message and a way for readers to respond. We work with local chaplains for follow up.


The Inbox is a section where adult inmates write to our kids on specific subject. This gives adult inmates a chance to minister to our readers. 


Our Fresh Picks provide positive options in music and books that are chosen to appeal to our readers and help them continue to grow.


We provide a local and national resources page for our readers and their families. These resources are from trusted partners and organizations to help meet the wholistic needs of our readers and their families. When I worked in the facilities we would have people come speak, but the kids wouldn’t know how to contact them – now they will have that information with them when they get out.

PRODUCE - Art of our readers

Many of the kids we serve are very gifted artists. Publishing their artwork gives them the opportunity to be recognized for something positive.

PRODUCE - writing of our readers

We promote literacy, provide a safe place to share, and give our readers an opportunity to minister to their peers by publishing their writing.